Ameos was created from a long obsession with hats. As a female, wearing hats with a ponytail, I am limited to a low pony that is unflattering and impractical. I thought, why is this not available?!

And BOOM, Ameos was created.

The name Ameos is a blend of my two favourite little people... my niece Amelia and my nephew Oscar. 

The 'A' logo is a motif of my family always supporting me to keep going with everything I set my mind to. There are ups and downs but you always have to go through it moving onwards and upwards. And the biggest thing is, the only time you have is right now. Always. So thank you for making Ameos your right now.

Another thing close to my heart is my condition with Endometriosis. I have battled with this condition since I was 15 and had 8 surgeries, including a hysterectomy and removal of an ovary, appendix and uterine fibroid and so it is my mission to bring more awareness and fund research in to why this is becoming more and more common amongst *women. I currently choose to donate a portion of sales from every purchase to Endometriosis Organisation Qendo. This organisation is truly making a difference to people living with Endometriosis. ~ I call this, Fashion With Purpose.

I'm super passionate about making people feel good, empowering them and body confidence. Kindness is key!

And in case you don't know enough...My personal & brand motto is Keep Going!

Enjoy Ameos and wear it with confidence.


*the term women does not discriminate as Endometriosis affects all genders. I also acknowledge those of the transgender, non-binary and gender diverse community.