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ponytail hats

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What is Ameos & The StyleSlice™

Ameos started with Ponytail Hats that come with a long vertical opening from the top of the hat
down the back to the bottom where the closure is, called the StyleSlice™.

We now also do a small range of Apparel items as well to complete your Ameos look.

Our signature range is the A logo for Ameos, the diamond we call 24K and the crown we call ROYALTY.
We also stock a small selection in GRB hats. These have the traditional Croatian emblem on them as we honour our Croatian Heritage.

About Ameos

Ameos is a Fashion Brand With Purpose, starting with Ponytail Hats and moving into Apparel, all with an end goal of creating a community of empowered, confident, strong people whilst raising funds for an Endometriosis Organisation - Qendo.


I have come across some hats similar to Ameos in real life since my purchases and I'm glad I invested in a business that values quality as well as style. My daughter and I love our hats and often find my son and my dad trying to sneak out the house wearing them


My daughter was so excited to see a hat that she could wear while leaving her ponytail in


Love the company and the customer service is already above and beyond. Perfect communication and couldn't ask for anymore